zl. The naked truth

Bad mindtrip. Facts about a battle against a roundtable rival.

One porn website has 4.4 billion hits a month.

1 in 3 ten year olds have seen porn online.

32% of teen boys and 18% of girls have seen bestiality online

40% of 11-14yrs olds have sent or received naked pictures of themselves or friends

Average age of first exposure to hardcore porn is 11

1 in 3 visitors to porn sites are female

46% of families says that porn is a problem in the home

One website, One month, 4.4 billion hits.

We are only now beginning to see the impact of ‘this anytime, anywhere unregulated’ porn is having on a generation. Politicians and parents, schools and youthworkers all find ourselves on a steep learning curve, as we realise this new weapon in the hands of a old enemy demands new tactics.” – Ian Henderson, Founder of Naked Truth

With a seminar programme and keynote speakers that will both inform and inspire, we hope you will have the tools to see lives changed and the power of porn broken.

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