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Warm welcome to Villeneuve, Switzerland!

Romantic town on Lake Geneva

A sunset in Villeneuve is an unforgettable experience! Sitting at the quai, observing the setting sun – and the Castle of Chillon on the right – what could be more enchanting?

(source: www.myswitzerland.com)

edahV Tek&Lion swiss horlogery training and watchmakers

Watches. Workshops for kids!

A chance to try on the clothes and tools of the Swiss watch-makers in a welcoming, caring and fun environment.

Tek&Lion Swiss horology school offers the opportunity to discover the world of watch making through a fun and unforgettable time inside the wristwatches!

An introduction to Swiss horology

  • Looking inside the wristwatches
  • Assemble the watches
  • Enjoy a special Tek&Lion snack
  • End the workshop with a certificate « The Little watch-maker »

Learn more on www.edahv.ch

Tek&Lion Unitas 6497 Watch

Professional school.

Travel through the beating heart of wristwatches!

Accessible to everyone, this training enables you to obtain an Operator of Watchmaking certificate.

Basic training

Operator in Watchmaking: an operator is capable of assembling watch movements, lubricating the mechanism and, if necessary, detecting and repairing any faults.

Following basic training, we are pleased to offer you various specialization modules:

Adjustments/timings • Watchmaking complications • Bevelling • Clockmaking • Casing • Micromechanical • 3D Modelling • After-sales service (quick service) • IT/Computer skills.


Various internships are possible, internally and externally from one day to three months according to the needs of the participants.

Discovery training

Supervised by professionals, you will discover the world of watchmaking. Through this training you have the option to select one of our specialization modules.

Creation training

Create and assemble your own watch. Choose its style according to our catalogue and leave at the end of your training with your creation.

Evaluation training

With a view to securing a job, you may request to have your watchmaking achievements evaluated. This training will offer you the opportunity to do this.

Implementation training

In order to validate your achievements, we encourage our trainees to follow an internship in a watchmaking company.

Learn more on www.teketlion.ch

Swiss horlogery watch operator

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