zl. The naked truth

What the words “naked truth” mean? Is it something in relation with nakedness? Or a way for talking about the need of transparency to balance the mainstream information we usually get? Or it may be both, eh!? but let’s take the second definition here…

What about DPRK (North Korea)?

For Korea, the end of World War II brought liberation from decades of Japanese colonial rule and division across the 38th parallel between north and south. Rival states soon formed around the support of Soviet Union in the north and United States in the south. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was formally established on September 9th 1948.

The flag of North Korea

The breakout of the Korean War on June 25th 1950 saw north and south together with their respective allies pitted in a bloody three-year conflict that devastated the peninsula. An armistice agreement signed in July 1953 established the Korean Demilitarised Zone, which remains in place to this day.

In the decades following the Korean War, the DPRK worked to rebuild the country and consolidate its position in East Asia and the world. The collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990’s and natural disaster led to both food shortages and economic hardship, a period known as the ‘Arduous March’ in Korea. Since this time relations with several nations have been strained as the DPRK has developed nuclear technologies.

Today the country remains on its own political course, pursing a twin policy of self-reliant economic development and self-defense. In society increased access to services and goods – both foreign and domestic – are changing the way people go about their lives as the DPRK approaches its 70th anniversary in 2018.

Never seen North Korea from the inside? So have a look!

Interested into visiting North Korea? www.koryogroup.com may help you plan a trip.

The official web portal of the DPRK www.korea-dpr.info

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