Watchmaking horology school in Canada

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Here is a unique opportunity to spend 3 months in Montreal while learning a new job!

Watchmaking horology school in Montreal Canada

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In 2017, Montréal marks its 375th anniversary, Canada’s 150th anniversary and the 50th anniversary of Expo 67 with exciting festivities highlighting the city’s rich history, diversity and vibrant creativity! From east to west, Montréal comes alive with more than 175 events and projects, plus exclusive offers specially designed for the occasion. Come celebrate with us!

The Swiss watchmaking horology school edahV (ecole des arts horloger Villeneuve) gives for years an access to all* in their premises of 230 square metres in Switzerland near Montreux on the Lake Geneva.

Since 2017, the edahV and the Swiss manufacturer Tek & Lion propose a similar program in Montreal, Canada! Workshops for watchmaker’s training, well adapted for persons of limited mobility, for welcoming up to 30 apprentices per day on three different timetables.

Those who are interested in learning a new job while having fun in Montreal are invited to contact Tek & Lion or the edahV directly.

Watchmaking horology school Canada

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* No prerequisites, not free but low cost programs, assessment of skills at the enrollment.

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