Yukon Klondike Gold Rush

For a unique horseback riding vacation in Canada, consider a Yukon wilderness adventure on horseback. Yukon landscapes are ideal for horseback trips with miles of diverse terrain and a rich history that recalls the pioneering spirit of a bygone era.Visit historic Dawson City and relive the heady days of the Klondike Gold Rush. The lure of the Klondike drew thousands of young men―and some determined women―with the glint of gold in their eyes to Dawson City. Entrepreneurs keen to turn a dollar erected hastily constructed buildings with elaborate false fronts. Horses trotted through the muddy streets and dancehall tunes filled the air. Dawson City became a bustling commercial centre at the turn of the century, and for a time was the largest city north of San Francisco and west of Winnipeg.

A tight-knit town of 1,500 people and the Yukon’s second largest community, Dawson City is a colourful place where you can still meet placer miners, dog mushers and other Klondike characters. Today, Dawson City is in many ways just as it was at the height of the Gold Rush in 1898. The streets of this authentic frontier town are lined with wooden boardwalks, and you can sense the grit, heartache and golden dreams of the Klondike Gold Rush as you meander down Dawson City’s streets. A lively place bursting with heritage sites and attractions, there is lots to do in Dawson and the city hosts many visitor services, amenities and attractions.

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