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Wellness in Switzerland

Need Switzerland? Get inspired now!

Inspiration for futur travels is at your door. Dream now, travel later. From climate, geography and Swissness, to Economy and Regulation for pets, the official portal of Tourism Switzerland will answer most of the questions you may have regarding this breath taking country.

Summer destinations

When the days get longer, there’s a whole lot to experience in Switzerland. That’s because you’ll not only find unrivalled hiking routes, but also UNESCO World Heritage sites and a biosphere reserve, not to mention numerous parks. Our country also offers some places that are just perfect for families. [Learn more]

Winter sports & ski resorts

We have our snow-capped peaks to thank for being made of one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. Up until this very day, our mountains still captivate skiers, snowboarders, tobogganers and other winter sports enthusiasts. [Learn more]

Wellness & Spa

The Wellness & Spa Hotels offer much more than just relaxation. With activity programmes on sunny paths and terraces, beauty and anti-aging treatments with Swiss luxury brands, mind and body exercises to slow the pace of life, healing water, pools with a view and the finest health foods, you’ll find everything you need to rediscover yourself. [Learn more]

Castles & palaces

In Switzerland there are numerous castles, noble houses and domains once built and inhabited by the upper classes. These buildings are often architectural jewels; some of them are copies of residencies of the European aristocracy. [Learn more]

Adventure & Sports Summer

Snowy 4,000-metre peaks, raging torrents and breathtaking trails without end. Welcome to the outdoor paradise that is Switzerland! Whether on foot or on a bike, in the mountains, on water or in the air, if you like leading an active life, you’re in for a treat in Switzerland. Get inspired – and dive into the next adventure! [Learn more]


Ascend a peak, hike through alpine meadows, explore a forest? You decide! Thanks to over 65 000 kilometres of waymarked trails, virtually every corner of Switzerland is waiting to be discovered. The paths are well marked and as varied as the scenery – in fact, they quickly become an end in themselves. [Learn more]


Encounter local wild animals, sample traditional delicacies and learn all there is to know about handicrafts and architectural witnesses to history in our country. And, if that is not adventure enough, you should absolutely explore our adventure and theme trails. [Learn more]

Ski and Snowboard

Wide pistes, steep gullies, huge halfpipes. More than 200 ski regions offer everything the heart desires when it comes to winter sports. Here’s a selection of hand-picked recommendations from Switzerland Tourism and its partners. [Learn more]


Tobogganing is great winter fun for young and old. Go tobogganing or simply enjoy the landscape from the comfort of a mountain hut. Our tobogganing runs offer plenty of adrenaline and superb views. [Learn more]


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