Tombouctou Mali

Street vendors, incredible tinkered vehicles, handmade or grandiose buildings: each quarter, every intersection, every street is a source of surprises to the travellers who discover the country. The fragrances, the colors, the small street businesses: everything is mixed in Bamako to provide a vibrant atmosphere.

Accomodations in Bamako

The hotel offer covers all ranges, from small beds and breakfast by the river to great luxury hotels equipped with Wi-Fi. It’s the same for the restaurants: you can find excellent tables for local and international cuisines.


The National Museum’s collections, the pink market in town center, the handicraft market of N’Golonina, prehistoric site of Magnambougou, the panorama on the city and the Niger river from the Koulouba hill and the prehistorical rock paintings in the cave of point G.

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Inna Modja in Motel Bamako

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  1. Bamako is a vibrant urban hub situated along the Niger River. It blends modernity with traditional culture, offering a glimpse into West Africa’s diverse heritage. Janavasam

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