The most beautiful places of Belize

No other country in Central America or the Caribbean has a more fascinating and elusive past than Belize — with glorious Maya civilizations, English buccaneers and mahogany cutters, African slaves and Spanish conquistadors.Belize’s past is an intriguing array of epic tales seasoned with stolen treasure, stone pyramids, logwood-cutting and multi-ethnic cultures, all ending with a peaceful, friendly and independent nation.  Travel with us and be transported to a place where history remains within reach.

Unlike the rest of Central America which was colonized by Spain, Belize was once a British colony.  Spanish authorities failed to clearly designate the southern boundary of the Yucatan, allowing buccaneers (pirates) preying on the Spanish treasure fleets offshore to find refuge along the coast of what became known as British Honduras.  On September 10th, 1798 the British claimed victory over the Spaniards at the Battle of St. George’s Caye thus establishing a British colony.

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