Intimacy honeymoons

When you book a private retreat experience, it’s all about you. Recapturing the joy, passion and aliveness in your relationship. Before you get to the next level of your connection, we first have to understand the current state of your partnership, and how both of you contributed to where you are now.

Here are some of the topics that we can work on together during your luxury getaway in paradise:

  • Couples That Are Contemplating Divorce or Breaking-Up
  • Trust Issues In The Relationship
  • Recovering After Infidelity & Cheating
  • Low Sexual Desire, Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, & Excessive Porn Use
  • Lack of Sexual Compatibility
  • Fighting Dirty and Lack Of Effective Communication
  • Feeling Like Roommates or Parents and Not Lovers
  • Loss Of Emotional and Sexual Intimacy After Children
  • Different Parenting Styles & Getting In The Way of Connection
  • Sexual or Emotional Trauma Impacting The Relationship
  • Sex Becoming A Chore or Partners Becoming Sexually Avoidant

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