The beautiful island of Madagascar

At the extreme north of the Great Island, Diégo Suarez is situated in an exceptional site, at the bottom of a real internal sea formed by the Bays of the French, of Thunder, of White stones and by the Gallois cul de sac.At either side of this “sea” and its Sugar loaf, the two other seas, that is the Indian Ocean and the Mozambique Channel meet. A cosmopolitan town, Diego Suarez lives with the rythm of its shipyards, and along its straight streets lined with buildings sometimes with colonnades reigns a particular atmosphere which is not felt in any other town of Madagascar.To the east, the Coast of the Bays, a succession of coves and lagoons protected by coral reefs. The Emerald Sea , a wide lagoon where one can dive in a natural aquarium. The Bay of the Pigeons and that of the Dunes, white sand beaches often empty, offering a beautiful view of the pass. The Bay of the Sakalava, recognized as one of the most beautiful windsurf spots in the world. For …simple leisure activities, Ramena, 18 km from the town, the favourite beach of the inhabitants of Antsiranana at week-ends.

Along this road to the East, the Mountain of the French with its Way of the Cross that leads to caves and vestiges of fortifications…To the west, the rock of the Windsor Castle and its 360° panoramic view on the Cape of Amber to the north, the Coast of the Bays to the east, the foothills of the Mountain of Amber to the south, the Coast of the Virgin Islands and its Bay of Courrier opening up to the Mozambique Channel in the west. Very much appreciated by the passionate of diving and game fishing, starting point for yatch people navigating along the north- west coast. A myriad of islands with names like Nosy Hara, the Island of Goats, the Island of Gulls , which are real sanctuaries of nature.

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