When a spa experience offers more than just the treatments enjoyed

The culture of Swedish Spa

The popularity of spas in Sweden is increasing as many find that they need some extra pampering to balance their hectic lifestyles.Today a spa experience can offer more than just the treatments enjoyed: you can go to a spa in the far north under the midnight sun, unwind at a spa nestled in the magical landscape of Gotland or visit a spa in the heart of a bustling Swedish city. In the very north of the country, 300 kilometres above the Arctic Circle lies Riksgränsen, a ski resort located in Lapland, an area of Sweden which is legendary for its extremes: dark all winter, light all summer and home to the longest ski season in the country.

The best skiing Sweden has to offer in June, for instance, is found here.

Add to all of this that the area now has a full-service spa, Riksgränsen Alpine Spa, which offers traditional massage and skin care treatments, sports medicine, along with elements of healing methods borrowed from the area’s indigenous inhabitants, the Sami people. This is a spa that promises visitors a unique experience, whether they arrive at the height of winter or the middle of summer. On the southernmost tip of the Swedish island of Gotland, in a magical landscape of endless sea views on the horizon, sandy beaches and jutting rock formations called raukar, you will find Suderhälsan.

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