City break in Galway

Galway is one of the most chilled out spots in Western Europe. Despite being a city, it feels like a big town with its easy attitude and cool bohemian vibe.

Known as the City of the Tribes, after the 14 affluent tribes who ruled during the middle ages, this thriving city is the most westerly in Europe and enjoys a strong artistic heritage and a flourishing arts, music, theatre and film scene.

Summer in Galwayis a never-ending stream of excellent festivals, with eating, drinking and entertainment all taking place outdoors in the balmy air of this warm-hearted city.

Enjoy the atmospheric pubs in this  West of Ireland city with its beautiful location at the edge of Galway Bay, its pretty medieval streets and its lively weekend markets for a city break you’ll never forget.

There are over 50 festivals taking place annually in Galway, celebrating the Oyster Season, Local Arts and Culture, Music, Irish Language and so much more. Gaelic Games (Gaelic Football, Hurling and Camoige) are remain central to community life in most areas. In Galway the experience is not just of an exceptional landscape but of  people and communities who’s pride and openess ensures most visitors return.

Galway County is unique in having Ireland’s largest Gaeltacht (Irish speaking) region.  There are four main inhabited Islands off the coast of Galway including the world renowed Irish speaking Aran Islands and Inisboffin. In total there are 18 inhabited islands in County Galway. There are plans to gain UN World Heritage Status for the Aran Islands.

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