Centovalli et onsernone Ticino Svizzera

Max Frisch was being rather misleading when he said “The Onsernone valley is not at the end of the world”. To get to the last village in the valley you have to venture along a long narrow strip of asphalt overhanging bright green ravines.

The Onsernone is a land of forests, water and rocks, and one of the most charming and mysterious valleys of Ticino. On the sunny mountainsides lie little villages where time stands still. Here you can find a mixture of elegant houses built by emigrants who made their fortunes abroad next to humble stone dwellings clinging to the steep slopes, which, with their wooden balconies, remind you of Tibet.

This side valley is much loved by the many artists who have found and still find their inspiration in the silence of the chestnut woods; and it has recently been opened to tourism thanks to the creation of mountain refuge huts, hostels, bed and breakfasts and small hotels. The same thing is true of the neighbouring Centovalli. With its past history of emigration, its inhabitants who put down their roots on its steep slopes and its narrow winding road, this picturesque valley has much to offer the nature lover.

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