Avsar in the highlands of Turkey

The highlands of Turkey and the lifestyle of its people have an important place in the rich cultural landscape of Turkey. The tradition embodied in the lyrics of this ancient folk song, “The people of Avşar picked up and headed for new lands” have still being sung today, is what led to the settlement of hundreds of new areas in Turkey.

In the Chinese Chronicles, Turks are described as people that “lived by following the rains and the pastures with their horses and high-wheeled wagons.” After they came to Anatolia and abandoned their nomadic wanderings for more settled ways, they embarked on a new journey continuing old traditions within the parameters of a new lifestyle.

In this new millennium of the “global village” where cultural differences seem to be disappearing, the highlands of Turkey offer a refreshing authenticity of ancient tradition which is noticed as soon as it is experienced. Compared with our modern way of life, it is a vivacious way of life in harmony with nature, at once both oriental and exotic.

The highlands have much to offer; the fresh clean air of an undefiled environment, crystal clear streams, a refreshing coolness that is a relief from the sweltering heat during the hottest summer days, views of enchanting beauty, fruit and vegetables grown without hormones and ripen on the vine slowly and naturally, milk and meat products of animals pastured in the most natural environments. The innumerable wild animal and plant species living in their natural habitat rescue us from the virtual world of TV documentaries and enable us to experience real life up close and personal.

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