Blue Water Morocco

Blue Water Morocco

By Thomas Hollowell

Morocco is a country where the society, culture, and various peoples are evolving rapidly with the world economy. While the distinct difference between the rich and poor is quite noticeable, the country, much like that of India or China, is booming in lieu of a possible world recession due to the United States’ own economic pendulum.

Travel to Morocco reached an all time high in 2007. Some believe that the goal of having 10 million plus tourists per year will happen much before the predicted year of 2010. The country has its own exotic allure, including mountain-dwelling cultures known as the Berbers, the rise, change, and varying view of women, along with the political change that King Mohammed VI and his wife, Princess Lalla Salma are bringing to the country. The changes are slow, steady, but noticeable.

A greater number of world wayfarers are thinking about cultural and religious understanding. Certain cultural and custom Morocco tours are able to get people beyond the mass tourist path and take them into the heart of this land and its people. The mixed Berber and Arab peoples have no real tensions and the varying populations regard each other with respect. The Berbers themselves have three main languages, which differ significantly from one region to the next. The Rif Mountains, near Chefchaouen, the Middle Atlas Mountains near Fez, and trekking the High Atlas Mountains near Marrakesh all have their own cultural nuances and languages.

Additionally, Morocco is changing in regard to women’s rights in the home and in public. Women enjoy freedom in Morocco that is based on the western idea of equality. They now hold positions in parliament, are CEOs in companies, and are starting their own branches of business competing in Morocco’s flourishing economy. Certain statutes that remain written in the law do limit women’s roles on paper. Certain religious bodies would like to continue controlling women’s societal role, but these attempts are becoming less and less prominent and important.

Overall, Morocco is rapidly changing with the times. With Europe nearby and the United States enjoying both economic and political beneficial relationships with the North African Kingdom, Morocco is on a path to a prosperous economy where the people are beginning to benefit from these positive implementations. Tourism in Morocco is also flourishing and the people of Morocco accept travelers from all corners of the globe to share in their deep heritage Share this article on Twitter

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