Guyana from the air

This Safari takes you from Georgetown to Orinduik. This Safari is for more Hard Adventurers. It is a mountain trail giving visitors a taste of our diversity as the cultures of the Amerindians or the Flora and Fauna and other sights and scenes changes as frequently as  the landscape changes on the way to Orinduik.  The article below written by someone who was on the last Safari, perfectly captures the feelings one experience on this unique safari.

This takes you from our Capital Georgetown to Lethem in region 9 (see map). This safari introduces adventurers to our sustainable forest practices when you visit the Demerara timber concessions. Experience Amerindian culture when you get to Surama and fairwiew Amerindian reserves. Our Natural beauty will leave you breathless when the safari stops at the iwokrama rainforest walkway, the wildlife reserves at Aranaputa and our amazing kanuku mountains with it’s over 200 species of birds (18 of which are unique to Guyana !!). Don’t miss the chance to see one of our 300 waterfalls, on this safari see the beautiful Mocomoco falls and hear about how it’s name came about. Chit chat with cowboys at one of several ranches on the way to lethem, have a meal and some laughs, maybe even ride a cow, the possibilities are endless. The 5 day Safari leads up to the weekend of the Rupununi Expo where you can ” bust a lime and have a sweet time” at the Rupununi Pageant and Grand Fair. Food, Drinks, Dancing galore. Man you don’t want to miss this. It’s an adventure of a lifetime Share this article on Twitter

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